Monday, February 4, 2013

Moo's Eats

I don't love cooking, but I love eating yummy food. We have a friend who is an amazing cook - if her house were a restaurant, it would be my favorite. Awhile ago I realized that she probably doesn't have success with everything she tries, but since she tries so many recipes she's able to make several things that are really really good. So I decided to try more recipes - so that I would know how to make things I love to eat, and so that my daughter (Moo) would grow up being exposed to a lot of different foods.

I'm calling this blog Moo's Eats - most of what I make she doesn't eat (yet...I'm pretty sure that one day she's going to figure out what she's missing), but I'm making it with and for her (and the rest of our family).

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